GX100 Series

Super-compact series potentiostats are the smallest electrochemistry interface on the market, just slightly larger than one cent. A true on-site analysis in electrochemical research is possible using most popular electrochemical techniques.

These super small and affordable instruments enable you to develop applications tailored for your research needs. Super-compact series instruments are optimized for screen-printed sensor and biosensor applications but they can also be used in many other research areas, such as other electrochemical sensors, corrosion, battery and super-capacitors or fuel cells.

Directly plug into an Android mobile device through OTG port for a true on-site analysis experience.

Advanced PC software enables control of multiple units from same screen and at the same time, setting up parallel replicates and spools for a more customized multiplexing experience.

Build your own electrochemistry analyzer with GalvanoPlot Arduino Module. Connect multiple modules through SPI for full GX100 experience in your Arduino or OEM circuit board.

Choose the instrument configuration that fits best to your electrochemistry application needs over a variety of instruments and upgrade options.


Defining the standard for screen-printed sensor interfaces.

  • Super-compact and affordable
  • Advanced software with multiplexing capability
  • Covering all common electrochemical techniques
  • Wired connectivity through USB and OTG
  • Android mobile device compatibility
  • Tailored to your needs for a budget

A true plug and play electrochemistry device for developers.

  • Identical architecture with GX102 supercompact potentiostat
  • SMD module with only 3 x 3 mm footprint
  • SPI interface for flexible communication
  • Daisychain connection for multiplexing
  • Arduino compatible with dedicated Arduino Uno Shield.
  • Operating mode Potentiostat
  • Current resolution

    0.002 % of current range
    (130 pA on lowest current range)

  • Maximum current ±750 µA
  • Number of channels 2*
  • Electrochemical cell compatibility

    WE, RE and CE; WE and RE/CE

  • Inputs/outputs

    Screen printed sensor interface options:
    3x2.54mm, 4x2.54 mm or 3x 3.96 mm and more

  • Number of current ranges

    7 and Autorange

  • Number of current ranges remarks

    6.5µA to 750 µA

  • Potential accuracy ≤0.1%
  • Potential scan range ±2 V*
  • Potential resolution 250 µV
  • PC interface USB-C
  • Android mobile device interface


  • Multiplexibility

    Up to 256 devices, by SUITE software

  • Power USB; 5VDC / 20 mA max
  • Dimensions (W/H/D) 35 x 15 x 7 mm*
  • Weight of the instrument 4 gr*

*: May vary depending on the model. Please see below.



Next generation of electrochemical detectors.

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