Cables, adapters, converters, sensors.. and more

Adapters for GX100 Series


A variety of user-replaceable adapters enable you to modify the screen printed electrode interface of your GX100 Series Super-Compact Potentiostat device.

SPE Interfaces


Connect your screen-printed electrode using the best SPE Interface adapter. Choose the best option that accepts your electrode among a variety of interfaces. Compatible with all series of GalvanoPlot instruments.

MEMS Interfaces


Connect your thin-film electrode using the MEMS Interface adapter. Compatible with all series of GalvanoPlot instruments.

Dummy Cells


For evaluation of electrical circuitry and calibration, choose the best dummy electrode that is compatible with your GalvanoPlot instrument.

Cables, Connectors and Other


USB multiplexers, cables to convert USB-C to USB-A, banana connectors, signal cables, and more

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